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Monitor these weekly construction updates from the Grand Avenue Bridge Project Team in order to know which streets are closed today!

On August 14, 2017 the Grand Avenue Bridge over the Colorado River in downtown Glenwood Springs will be closed for removal and replacement. This process will last approximately 95 days (until Thanksgiving 2017).  The detour route uses the bridge over the Colorado river in the vicinity of Exit 116 off Interstate 70, Midland Avenue, and 8th Street. Delays of up to an additional hour are expected along this detour route with the busiest times occurring between 6-9am and 3:30-6:30pm.  In order for staff and students to get to school on time here are several suggested ways to alter commute routes and modes.

  • Ride a bicycle or walk to school.
      1. For at least a portion of your commute you should consider a mode change. Additional parking will be available throughout west Glenwood and there are great pedestrian/ bike paths that avoid the streets entirely. Online interactive maps and printable maps are available from the City of Glenwood Springs website:  Send suggestions to the city of Glenwood Transportation Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tanya Allen is continually updating this resource.
      2. For the ambitious and civic minded among you, please consider organizing a bike convoy or walking school bus to bring students safely to school with adult/older student supervision. Staff can use this RFSD Market forum for organizational assistance. Parents and Students can organize on the Roaring Fork Swap.
  • Carpool.
      1. These can be informal or formally designed vanpools. If you have a vehicle that you will guarantee will have 6 or more occupants everyday, the City of Glenwood Springs Police Department will issue you a VanPool pass that will allow you to utilize the transit lanes that will be throughout the detour route. These passes will be available by July 1st and will greatly reduce your commute time by allowing you to bypass some of the most congested portions of the detour route. Monitor the Glenwood PD website for updates.
      2. Contact your building administrator to organize informal carpools. Staff can use this RFSD Market forum for organizational assistance. Parents and Students can organize on the Roaring Fork Swap.
  • Ride RFTA.
    1. RFTA will be doubling their service availability throughout the detour period. They will also run their Hogback bus service for FREE between Parachute and the 27th Street Station in Glenwood Springs. Monitor RFTA website  and the Ride Glenwood Springs website for details. Contact Jared Rains to express interest in bus passes that would take you from Glenwood to upvalley locations. I will attempt to subsidize these passes for you, funding permitted.

Parent Survey

We are asking all parents to provide feedback on their plans during the detour to help us better plan for transportation and building needs during the bridge closure. Because some Basalt and Carbondale students commute from downvalley, we are asking parents in these communities to let us know if they are interested in participating in early or late supervision or programming.

If your child(ren) attend(s) a Glenwood Springs school, please complete one survey for each school at which you have a child enrolled:

If your child(ren) attend(s) a school in Carbondale or Basalt, please complete the survey for your community: Carbondale Parent Survey (English or Spanish) or Basalt Parent Survey (English or Spanish). 

Actions taken to date:  

    1. Later School Start Date. In order to avoid the shock of the initial bridge closure, Roaring Fork Schools has decided to start the 2017/18 school year after Labor Day. This will allow for the traffic patterns to establish themselves for two weeks before school starts. This will also allow more time for the multitude of construction projects throughout the school district. See the School Calendar for details (espanol).
    2. Extended School days and Flexible drop off and pick up times at schools. See the details of the planned programming here.
    3. Sporting events and extracurricular activities are being rescheduled to avoid conflicts with the peak traffic times. See your school administrator or athletic director regarding the current schedule.
    4. 2017/18 School Bus Routes are currently being redesigned in order to avoid the congested portions of the detour as much as possible. Check back here for the latest update coming soon!

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has a lot of great information about the detour and resources available to help you make your own plans.

Sign up for the latest updates and information about the Roaring Fork Schools plans during the detour here

Please submit other suggestions to the Roaring Fork Schools Transportation Department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Together we are the solution.

Plan ahead. Team up. Drive less.

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