The safety of your child while at school is extremely important to us. When there is any danger, even in the vicinity of the school, law enforcement may request that schools be in lockout or locked down mode, depending on the nature of the incident. This means that any access to the school will be monitored or prohibited and students are required to remain inside the building. If the threat to student safety does not directly involve the school, you can call the school office for information.

In the event of an incident at one of the schools that could be dangerous to the children in the school either externally or internally, it is unlikely that you will be able to contact anyone through the school office. Because we understand the anxiety that parents will experience if we have a lockdown event in a school that requires a response from law enforcement, the following will allow you to get any information we have in a timely manner. Schools are not allowed to communicate with parents during a lockout or lockdown situation, but will provide communication following the incident.

Please know that if there is a serious incident in a school, law enforcement will be setting up a perimeter around the school and will not allow any traffic into the area, either by automobile or on foot. To keep you informed regarding the incident please note the following:

You can call 384-6075 for a recorded update of the most current information. You can also call the main number at the district office at 384-6000.


For an ongoing lockdown incident please note the locations in each community for communications centers providing up to date information, as well as evacuation and reunification of students with their parents/guardians.

Glenwood Springs

   * Communications Center – City Hall – 101 West 8th Ave.

   * Evacuation Center – Glenwood Community Recreation Center- 100 Wulfsohn Rd

   * Reunification Location – Glenwood Community Recreation Center


   * Communication Center – Town Hall – 511 Colorado Ave

   * Evacuation – River Valley Ranch Club House

   * Reunification Location – Town Hall


   * Communication Center – Town Hall -101Midland Ave.

   * Evacuation – Roaring Fork Club – Altamaira Ranch Road

   * Reunification – Basalt Police Department – 101 Elk Run Drive

RFSD Lockout/Lockdown Procedures


A Lockout is a precautionary measure because of a suspected threat in the area. During a lockout all exterior doors should be locked and all windows should be closed. No outside activities are allowed, but business goes on a usual within the building. During a lockout the front entry is monitored to allow access to anyone known to the school such as a parent, law enforcement officer, or another school district employee.


A Lockdown is a protocol that is implemented to protect against a perceived threat or danger that is inside the building.

When a lockdown order is given, the following procedures will be followed:

   ●An order for a lockdown will be given via the PA system or verbally in the halls. “We are now in a lockdown, collect all cell phones now.”

   ●Teachers are to close and lock their doors, turn off the lights, collect cell phones, get the students on the floor and out of sight (blinds will remain open unless instructed to close them.)

   ●Everyone (students and staff) will stay in the room they are in when the lockdown order is given.

   ●If students are in passing time at the time of the lockdown, staff will guide students into the nearest classroom immediately and account for students in that classroom.

   ●Teachers are to account for every student in the classroom. You may be asked to identify who is absent and who you have added via email.

   ●Stay in the room, do not call the office.

   ●Place red, NEED HELP or green ALL CLEAR sign under your door. If no sign is visible to law enforcement, it will be assumed that immediate action needs to be taken in that room.

   ●Stay off the phone. This includes cell phones, text messaging, and all means of two-way communication devices for students and staff.

   ●At the conclusion of the lockdown, you will be notified via PA or in person by administration or police that it is safe to return to your routine.

● Any school classes that are outside the building at the time of a lockdown will not re-enter the building, but will locate at the athletic field most distant from the building unless directed otherwise by law enforcement.


Strategic Plan

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